Camoufly Drops Emotive, Spiritual “Faith” EP –

camoufly, an enigmatic and prodigious electronic music producer, has established himself as one of the most exciting artists on the scene. The anonymous beatsmith’s meteoric rise was no accident – it’s a by-product of his sparkling sound design and original melodies, each of which he weaves into a vibrant visual universe.

After 2021 Apotheosis and The giant EPs, camoufly has just unveiled the third and final chapter of a thematic trilogy with Faith. Covering five tracks, including its viral single “Told U So”, the new EP aims to remind listeners to have faith in the universe and the organic path it leads them on.

“Tome, Faith means that I believe in what is happening around me,” Camouly explained in a press release. “I put myself there as a part of the Universe. And I have faith that the Universe will lead me where I need to be led.”

‘Q’ kicks off the record by introducing listeners to a floating auditory world, before ‘Alone’ ramps up the energy with shimmering chords and playful vocal bits. “Azure” Marks Another Highlight After Selling 35 Camouflage NFT Editions On Sound.xyzearning him 3.5 ETH.

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Listen Faith below.



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