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Elefant Traks has always been an artist-centric label. Launched in 1998 by a group of friends, some of whom would later form The Herd, it was founded on multiculturalism and a sense of community. The ultimate goal has always been to create and release music that represents something.

Decades later, Elefant Traks has established itself as one of the nation’s leading independent hip-hop and electronic music companies. We are proud to be a family, to support each other and to vibrate with the joys and the power of creating music.

We would like you to be part of our story, and we will have the chance to be part of yours.


The creative project manager has an overview of an artist’s presence, concepts of who they are, and where their music can fit.

You will coordinate single, EP and album campaigns, as well as oversee strategy for 1-3 tours per year. You are passionate about music culture and understand each artist’s creative vision, but you are also not afraid to fail in the pursuit of innovation and original ideas. The ultimate goal is to discover ways to reach the audience.

You have a strategic mind and an understanding of the Elefant Traks brand and ethics, maintaining good communication with internal and external stakeholders. It’s important that you have experience in the music industry and know how it works.

If the artist creates the songs that move the world, the creative project manager is the key to getting those songs to people.

FUNCTIONS Development of the marketing plan

  • Manage project campaigns, create timelines, meet deadlines
  • Realize creative visions, help facilitate the creation of assets
  • Work with Elefant Traks staff to execute plans
  • Experiment/innovate with marketing plans using insight and experience
  • Work closely with artists and Elefant Traks on branding and aesthetics of release campaigns, helping to cultivate awareness, with dynamic and bold creativity

Project deployment

  • Help artists understand their fans/community and think of creative ways to activate them
  • Oversee and develop the Elefant Traks brand strategy; approve content creation, develop publishing strategies in consultation with A&R
  • Liaise with external digital marketing agencies/freelancers to maximize artist reach
  • Be accountable to colleagues and artists


  • A music enthusiast who wants to see artists win
  • Marketing background with a passion for branding and social strategy
  • A well-organized person
  • A business-minded empathetic person
  • Someone who is able to take charge
  • Creative thinker who is not afraid to push boundaries and open doors

If this sounds like you, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

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