DJ Khaled Another Wing “LikeWing” based on plants

DJ Khaled’s Another Wing has unveiled its plant-based LikeWings additions to its US menu.

Created in partnership with LikeMeat – a LIVEKINDLY Collective brand – LikeWings comes in Another Wing’s signature flavors, including You Loyal! Lemon Pepper, Honey! Darling! Hot Honey Sriracha and they don’t want you to win TRUFFALO. “This LikeWings collaboration is an incredible opportunity for non-meat eaters to take advantage
the incredible flavors of Another Wing. This collaboration combines the flavors of Another Wing with the plant-based power of LikeMeat,” DJ Khaled said in a statement. “Let’s earn more with LikeWings.”

“We’re flying high with this new partnership and we’re beyond excited for Another Wings fans to try these amazing LikeWings the next time snack foods strike,” added Michelle Collette, Food Service Manager for LikeMeat. “This is LikeMeat’s first flight into the world of ghost cooking, and we’re here to fly it.”

Another Wing and LikeMeat are co-hosting a pop-up wing dispensary to celebrate the launch, with another wing dispensary set up on April 20 in partnership with Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood.

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