Killer tunes? MP dies dancing at wedding, doctor claims DJ’s loud music proved fatal

An 18-year-old boy who was dancing at his friend’s wedding suddenly collapsed and died. A doctor claims that the loud music played by the DJ led to the death.

Lal Singh, 18, is said to have died dancing to DJ music at his friend’s wedding. (Photo: Aaj Tak/India Today)

It is widely recognized that noise pollution has adverse health effects, but can it actually kill? The question begs to be asked after a teenager dancing to loud music during a baraat (wedding procession) suddenly collapsed and died.

Lal Singh, 18, a resident of Ambodia in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, had traveled to Tajpur to attend a friend’s wedding. The celebrations were in full swing as the groom’s procession left the village. Lal Singh and his friends were in high spirits as they danced behind the DJ and recorded videos.

However, tragedy struck in the middle of the celebrations when, without warning, Lal Singh lost consciousness and fell. He was first rushed to a nearby hospital, which referred him to another hospital in Ujjain. When he arrived at Ujjain hospital, doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

An autopsy revealed there was a blood clot in the 18-year-old boy’s heart. According to Dr Jitendra Sharma, who works at Ujjain Hospital, the clot happened because of the loud music played by the DJ during the wedding procession.

Dr. Jitendra Sharma claimed that when loud music is played from the DJ or from any other big sound system, it can trigger abnormal physiological reactions in the body. Sounds that exceed a certain decibel level can be harmful to humans and affect internal organs like the heart and brain, he said.

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