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Amid his first-ever North American tour, techno music veteran Oliver Koletzki is on a mission to spread his tried-and-true sound.

Koletzki, who runs the label Stil vor Talent, recently embarked on the tour, where he performed haunting live renditions of music from three of his fan-favorite albums: The voltage arc, fire in the jungle and In wood. This latest installment, however, is the namesake of the German record producer’s must-see live tour.

Spanning 12 tracks, In wood is a song cycle of organic and hypnotic dance music, and a tour de force for Koletzki. His self-titled tour is a 90-minute show in which he brings the album to life by playing piano, synthesizer and guitar. The concerts are a microcosm of his singular take on electronic music, which interpolates dreamy downtempo beats with heart-pounding melodic techno.

Listen In wood below.

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Koletzki enjoyed a fruitful career as early as 2005, when his debut album, the mesmerizing techno record “Der Mückenschwarm”, arrived under Sven Väth’s legendary Cocoon banner. Since then, he has performed at Burning Man and the Rainbow Serpent Festival, among other major events. Renowned DJ and instrumentalist, he celebrated the 10th anniversary of his label in 2016.

Tickets for Koletzki’s first-ever North American tour can be purchased here. See the full list of dates below.


Facebook: facebook.com/OliverKoletzki
Instagram: instagram.com/oliverkoletzki
Spotify: spoti.fi/3Ec124B

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