Record Store Day – all eight North East stores participating in the global event

Music fans are in for a treat as today is Record Store Day which offers an excuse – if any – to visit a local indie record store. Over 260 independent record shops from across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture, including eight from the North East.

Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many stores and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. Thousands of other stores around the world celebrate the day in what has become one of the biggest annual events in the music calendar.

The event was conceived in 2007 as a gathering of independent record store owners, as employees wanted a way to celebrate and raise awareness of nearly 1,400 independent record stores in the United States and thousands of similar stores in the world.

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The first Record Store Day was held on April 19, 2008. Today, there are stores participating in Record Store Day on every continent except Antarctica.

Record store day website, the following North East independent record stores are listed as participants. In Newcastle there is JG Windows in the Central Arcade; RPM music in Old George Yard; Vinyl Guru on Westgate Road; Reflex on Nun Street; Beyond Vinyl on Westgate Road and Beatdown Records at Clarendon House, Bewick Street.

Beyond Vinyl on Westgate Road takes part in Record Store Day

Elsewhere in the region, Hot Rats Records in Stockton Road, Sunderland and Sound It Out Records, Yarm Street, Stockton are also on hand.

Organizers of the event said: “It’s a day for the people who make up the record store world – staff, customers and artists – to come together and celebrate the special role these independent stores play. in their communities.

RPM Music at Old George Yard
RPM music at Old George Yard

“Although there is only one Record Store Day per year, the organization works with independent and major labels throughout the year to create competitions, special releases and promotions to highlight highlight the benefits of supporting these independent and local stores with year-round music purchases.

“In 2010, Record Store Day coordinated its first RSD Black Friday event, which gives record stores exclusive releases as part of the attempt to shift the focus from the biggest shopping day of the year to things desirable and special to find in local stores. .”

Special Record Store Day playlist features music from Dire Straits
Special Record Store Day playlist features music from Dire Straits

For today there is an incredible release of records from talents as diverse as Ray Charles and Rick Astley; the Cure, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, Karen Dalton, T Rex and Dire Straits led by Newcastle’s Mark Knopfler.

Due to manufacturing delays at pressing plants, some titles will not arrive on April 23 and will instead be available on June 18. You can consult the RSD list page for more information on the titles concerned.

The events come as vinyl record sales are expected to reach No. 1 this year after climbing the charts in recent years.

Last year, the classic LP format – abandoned in favor of futuristic CDs in the 1980s – hit the highest sales in 30 years.

More than five million vinyl records were sold in 2021, up 8% from the previous year, and marking a 14th consecutive year of growth for the format, according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). It’s the biggest year for vinyl sales since the early 1990s, when Phil Collins’ album But Seriously was the top-selling record.

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