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ANY MUSIC LOVER can tell how sounds, creativity, arrangement and other skills in music production have changed in the year 2021.

Rwandan music is slowly gaining international recognition after different producers add flavor to their production.

The New Times introduces you to some of the producers who are producing sounds that will take Rwandan music to another level.


You have certainly heard ‘Eleeeh’ in almost every Rwandan hit song. The new kid on the block has one of the best touches when it comes to music production.

Since Noopja introduced the 22-year-old to the music scene, afro beat sounds have boomed in the country.

With the help of Bob Pro who mixes almost every song he produces, the kid’s hands are behind hits like ‘Amata’, ‘Itara’, ‘Amashu’, ‘Ikinyafu’ to name a few – a few.

Ayo Rash

Real name Élisée Raha, the 22-year-old young man is a Rwandan music producer who is behind the best record of 2021 called ‘Away’ by Ariel Ways which has generated a million views in less than a month. .

Born in the DRC, one of the continent’s many talented countries, Ayo rush moved to Rwanda three years ago and since then his name has continued to appear on the songs that have invaded the country.

The young producer has produced many popular songs such as “Please Me” by Junior Kizigenza, Marina Brigade in less than a year and is establishing an empire showcasing the true abilities of Rwandan musicians.

Danny beats

From the day he produced an all-time hit “Twifunze”, Danny Beats has progressed on his journey of raising young Rwandan musicians to the top with his production skills.

From Sintex, Mike Kayihura, to Bushali and Kivumbi King, Danny Beat’s production has introduced a large number of musicians to the music scene.

His touch on Kivumbi’s “DID” album is why the project is at the top of the charts and trends in the country.

Kivumbi King’s ‘Panchika’ with Nutty Neithan is one of the projects where one can trace the goodness of the production of Dany Beats.

Kina beat

Since the start of the year, most of the Hip-Hop hits have been produced by Kina Beat, real name Clement Nshimiyimana, who is also one of the producers who merged the Drill genre in the country.

The 24-year-old started using fruit curls in high school until he landed on some of the best hits released this year. “Mood” by Bull Dog, “Amakosi” by Ish Kevin, “Tricky” by Logan Joe ‘Ibitambo’ by Kenny Kshot and many more were all made in his studio.

Pro Zed

In 2015, Shema Darcin Ngabonziza started making music using FL studio, software that creates and mixes beats.

The up-and-coming producer was the first to make a drill song in the country using loud sound music, a Rwandan movement of drillers.

He generated a lot of noise after producing Rwanda ‘Rw’ejo’, Loud sound’s debut album which had top hits like ‘Mukarukundo’ and ‘Mwanawamama’.

In 2021, he gained the attention and admiration of many music lovers by producing tracks like ‘Nicyo Gituma’ by B-Threy, ‘Whatever’ by Joe Logan, King Kong and many more.

His appearance on Buravan’s new album is proof that the young producer really worked in 2021.

Niz Beats

The 24-year-old was born in Rusizi district. He is the third of five children. In his testimony, he said he started composing songs in 2013 and started producing in 2015.

The young man, who does all genres, is rather seen under the afro beat craze because he takes over.

From 2017 he worked at Country Records until he created his own studio called One Touch in 2019.

The young man has produced hits such as ‘Igikwe’ by Gabiro Guitar and Confy, ‘Say My’ Name by Kenny Sol, “Always” by B-Threy and many more.

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