Tera Naam: DJ Narain of the Aryans makes a big comeback with a moving number

DJ Narain has made a comeback with Tera Naam after a long sabbatical. The song was sung, written and composed by DJ Narain (Dharmendra Jai ​​Narain). While the music was programmed by Naresh Vikal with mixing by Bawa Rocker.

DJ Narain, one of the founders of the famous pop group Aryans, is also a member of the Indian civil service. Aryans had given mega hits like Dekha Hai Teri Ankho Ko, Yeh Hawa, Ankhon Mei Tera Hi Chehra which launched Shahid Kapoor and other stars with their music videos. The Aryans have over 350 million views on YouTube, five albums and have had over 800 concerts.

At the height of Aryan’s popularity, he decided to take a break from the music industry. Now he’s back after more than 15 years to make more music. This time he created a song called Tera Naam.

Tera Naam is the story of 2 middle school boys – Meherzan and Ronit and their middle school classmate Anishha, meeting again in a meeting. The boys reminisce about how they wanted to propose to her, but they couldn’t as they realized they both loved her.

At the reunion, they meet their college mentor, DJ Narain, and for old times’ sake, they all decide to sneak into their music studio.

“It feels good to be back after a long time. Tera Naam is a very relatable song and I’m sure audiences will love the contemporary and refreshing vibe of this song,” said DJ Narain.

Tera Naam is the Times Music exclusive release and is available on the Times Music YouTube channel.

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