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Undoubtedly, the Nigerian music scene remains the gift that keeps on giving. With each new era, he brings forth hordes of incredible talent, with dynamism, uniqueness and stellar musicality. And with rising artists like Vince The Commander, the tradition continues, solidifying the future of the African music industry.

With his EP dubbed X which has just been released, Vince The Commander proves that good music runs through the veins of the Nigerian music industry. In the 5-track disc, singer Drake/Bryson Tiller-esque paints interesting love-themed tales over soft, mid-tempo tropical melodies.

From start to finish, the EP displays its artistic brilliance and authenticity, showcasing Vince’s vocal range and stellar lyricism.

From songs like Faith and For You to Body, Vince tightens the mood on this record, exuding feel-good appeal and soothing energies. And without flogging the clichés too much, it touches on the topics of love and romance, like putting old wine into new skin.

“The idea behind the EP is love and lost love. It was inspired by some personal experiences. Making this record was a healing process for me,” he told Weekend Beats.

He added that his nickname, “The Commander”, was also inspired by Ebenezer Obey’s Commander-in-Chief title, which he says merges with his dexterity as a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, sound engineer. and singer.

With all indications of a stellar career path, Vince said his philosophy is to push his music forward and give back to his community.

“If there’s ever a Mount Rushmore musical, I want to be in it. I want to make music that has some truth to it.”

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